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Tribal Tattoo Designs: Lost in the trappings of modern life, some people turn toward older traditions when it comes to designing and choosing a tattoo for themselves. Choosing a tattoo that comes with a cultural history can help the wearer connect with the past, a certain region, religion, or philosophy. Meanwhile Tribal tattoo designs are becoming more popular every year and there are many cultures tattoos to draw inspiration from.

Tribal Tattoo Designs For The Modern Primitive
Tribal Tattoo Designs For The Modern Primitive

Tribal Tattoo Design For The Modern Primitive

That is to say, The word tattoo has origins in tribal cultures, and comes from the Tahitian word “tatau”. On the Other hand, The South Pacific region has a long tradition of cultural tattoos, and many of the most requested tribal tattoo designs are influenced by cultures from that region.

The Maori people are one such source of inspiration. As a result, Maori facial tattoos are intricate designs that display the rank, family history, work, and spiritual connection of the wearer. Each male’s “Moko” served as a form of identification as well as a badge of honor, ferocity, and virility.

Native American cultures have also become a great influence in the tribal tattooing community. Similarly, The Haida are an indigenous nation from the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada famous for their beautifully designed totem poles. Imagery from their culture and religion has found its way into tattoo parlors around the country. Hence, Haidan tattoos are frequently animal-based, with depictions of the Raven and the Eagle, animal guides, sea creatures, and mythic beings. The artwork resembles the totems that the culture is famous for.

Tribal Tattoo and Celtic Tattoos

Celtic knots are another popular form of tribal tattooing. Originally, Celtic tattoo designs were directly influenced by the Book of Kells, an illuminated Irish manuscript from the 9th century. Moreover, This collection of passages is famous for the Celtic knot design work that can be found decorating each page. Modern tattoo artists have been known to incorporate animals, plants, and even lettering into these complicated geometric patterns.

Therefore, Not all tribal designs originate from a specific culture. Some tribal tattoos are chosen for their pleasing design and pattern, for instanse. Whether it’s to connect to the past, represent a cultural identity, or simply stand out from the crowd, tribal tattoo designs are on the rise as people search to express themselves in new ways.

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