Tattoo Removal Process Painful
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Is Tattoo Removal Process Painful?

It is a common misconception that the tattoo removal process is very painful. It may have been painful in the past but now, thanks to our much better technology, we now have new options available in tattoo removal.

Currently, the two most popular options for tattoo removal are laser technology and light-based technology.  In both surgeries, light energy is used to destroy the ink of the tattoo. This happens because the ink in the tattoo absorbs the light causing it to break apart. It can be easily passed through the body through filtering processes, after breaking apart. This is safe because the ink has been broken down into a small enough size that it can pass through without complications.

These kinds of tattoo removal surgery are actually very similar to hair removal

good first tattoos for girls
good first tattoos for girls

These kinds of tattoo removal surgery are actually very similar to hair removal.  The doctor or surgeon will have a wand that they will hold to your skin. The wand emits pulses of light that are aimed at the tattoo. This breaks up the tattoo ink. The wand should normally be held up to the tattoo to be most effective.

The best description of what is normal for you to be feeling is that of a rubber band flicking constantly against your skin.  Yeah, sounds fun doesn’t it?  Well getting that tattoo probably hurt more than the removal itself would.  However, the size of the tattoo affects what you will actually feel. If you have a very large tattoo, expect the feeling to be a little more intense. Also the sensitivity of the area where the tattoo is located matters. If it is an area that does not have much tissue or muscle, you might want to be numbed as much as possible to avoid any pain or discomfort. 

Of course, you went through the time, effort, and pain to get the tattoo that you now decided you no longer want, so what is a little more discomfort or pain right?

good first tattoos for guys
good first tattoos for guys

laser and light treatments – Tattoo Removal Process Painful

The laser and light treatments are very similar in the procedure. For both of these tattoo removal treatments, the doctor or surgeon will apply a cooling gel to the area that is to be treated to cool the skin and to conduct the light energy. The gel protects your skin while also drawing light energy to it.

If you are considering tattoo removal, you should consider both light and laser treatments. You must also remember that both procedures are expensive and pose some risks. Depending on the size of the tattoo, you may need to spend a night or two in the hospital. You will need to think long and hard before you decide to go through with one of these procedures.

Reconsider the decision to get a tattoo

So if you are reading this and you do not have a tattoo yet, stop!  If you are already looking for ways to remove a tattoo that you do not yet have, you are not a good candidate for a tattoo in the first place. Really think about what is being conveyed here.  A tattoo is a commitment for life just like getting a pet or having a child.  If you are already looking to ditch it, before it’s even become part of your skin, your body, and your life, please reconsider the decision to get a tattoo.

Recently, a new tattoo removal cream has been developed that has been proven to fade away tattoos to a much lighter color.

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