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Skull Tattoos: Do you experience a sense of unease or trepidation when confronted by people who sport skull tattoos?. If so, you are not isolated as this is a general reaction to the ominous appearance of vacant eye sockets and an overbearing forehead.

Fighter Warriors using Celtic Tattoos

This dark, menacing portrayal of the ultimate destiny of all living creatures. It was once the domain of dangerous prison gang members, hard-living bikers, and tough guys generally. The skull depicted their fearlessness in the face of death. No doubt the fact that they themselves were not frightened to hurry the death of their enemies.

ideas skull tattoo for teen agers

Is it a sign of the times that these symbols have been embraced by young trendsetters who prefer the image of a bad boy?. Or is it because many childlike people wish to declare their willingness to face their own mortality?. In Addition, For youngsters in the modern world, life is easy. Moreover, they do not face physical challenges on a day-to-day basis. Similarly, Let me ask Does a tattoo of the symbol of death provides a substitute for a genuine challenge in which to prove their bravery or toughness?

Mr Lucky Skull tattooed by Greg Scott at Ancient Art Tattoos in Hampton,VA.

Pic Courtesy: Tony Alter [Contributor’s note: Mr. Lucky Skull tattooed by Greg Scott at Ancient Art Tattoos in Hampton, VA. ]

Skull tattoos

Film stars and pop singers attracted to the dark. The sinister and rebellious side of life frequently chooses to have a symbol of their rebellion emblazoned on their bodies. They are naturally attracted to tattoos that re-create visions of hard livelihood. Moreover, They are of exposed outlaws who typically visited smoky old tattoo parlors in defiance of a more refined way of living. 

These prominent celebrities grab a brief moment of considerable notoriety as pictures of their inking. therefore, Undoubtedly appear in leading magazines and on YouTube. Their supporters imitate their actions. Hence soon they have a small army of followers who proclaim their allegiance by wearing similar body art.

The frequent appearance of skull tattoos on the neck, the upper arm, and the back. And Even in the ear does not take away the slight shiver that runs through your body on perceiving the iconic image. Skull tattoos will habitually serve as reminders that our time on this earth remains a brief one and that sooner or later, we all face death as a stark reality. So We can’t say Skull Tattoos are close to the mystical Approaches.

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