Celebrity Tattoos
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Celebrity Tattoos

A frequent topic in pop culture and the mainstream media has been celebrity tattoos. All sorts of musicians, actors, and sports figures have all gotten inked. For them to get a tattoo has influenced millions of people to also go under the needle.

Celebrities whose tattoos people like belong to the world of showbiz.
The tattoo industry gets the most promotion and inspiration from Movie stars and music Bands.

Jolie is a tattoo enthusiast – Celebrity Tattoos

Humanitarian and Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie is associated with having a plethora of tattoos. Jolie is a tattoo enthusiast of the most dedicated kind. having at least a dozen symbolizing her various life events and beliefs. She has sparked interest in the traditional styles of Southeast Asia. And has made the dragon a popular tattoo for women.

pisces tattoo for men

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Record Producer, actor, and Rapper 50 Cent is noted for his tattoos almost as much as he is for his music. His back is covered in tattoos; one of which has become his signature. The tattoo was designed by Mr. Cartoon, who is also a Nike sneakers designer.

Tattoos Craze in Celebrities

Another rapper and Mr. Cartoon client, Eminem, has a large mushroom on his left shoulder. his daughter’s name on his left wrist. A “D” on his right arm. “12” on his left arm. Aa set of dog tags around his neck. “Slit Here” on his right wrist. “Eminem” and “Slim Shady” on his chest as well as various other designs.

Reality TV star and actor Nicole Richie has numerous tattoos including a rosary around her ankle. A spider on her back. And wings on her back. She also has a pair of ballerina slippers to commemorate her father Lionel Richie’s song “Ballerina Girl”.

Popstar Britney Spears has acquired some tattoos throughout her life. also, including a flower with the Chinese symbol for mystery on her lower stomach. A fairy on her lower back, and many more.

After abandoning her teen pop image in the late 1990s Christina Aguilera received many tattoos. She has a flower on her wrist. And her alter ego name “Xtina” on her neck and some kind of design on her forearm. There have been reports of other designs as well. She celebrated her marriage to record producer Jordan Bratman by getting the tattoo “Te Amo Siempre” on her arm.

Soccer superstar David Beckham has a collection of tattoos

Girl arms tattoo ideas
Girl arms tattoo ideas

Soccer superstar David Beckham has a collection of tattoos also. He has his sons’ names on his back. His jersey number and his wife’s name on his arm, and other tattoos. He explained the symbolism of his tattoos in his autobiography, as well as pointing out that his wife, Victoria Posh Beckham, is a body art fan also.

Pink and her husband, the motocross racer Carey Hart are also fans of body art. So much in fact, that Hart owns the Huntington-Hart Tattoo Shop in the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. It has been featured in the reality TV show “Inked”.

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